Experience Motorsport also functions as a unique independent marketing platform, the only one of its kind that is built around the needs of suppliers into schools.

One of the most difficult aspects for new and growing suppliers into education is making schools and their staff aware of their existence and what they offer.  In a very congested marketplace it is very hard to reach past the school gatekeepers and staff are often simply overwhelmed by the range of products and services being offered to them.

Experience Motorsport provides a solution to this problem by using our school events as a marketing platform that reaches directly to the teachers, presenting our partner companies to the schools in a very positive and engaging context.  In addition to our ability to distribute marketing materials directly into the hands of teachers, our partners also benefit from the media generated by the school events, giving them great stories and images to share in their own marketing channels.

Thanks to the support we already have in place, we can offer all of this to our partners for an annual subscription of £2500, which we believe compares very well with other forms of marketing into schools.  

And as if that isn't enough, Experience Motorsport also functions as an active racing team with exciting aspirations...

From the 30-50 school events we expect to run per year our supporters will also be able to benefit from the community of staff and students we will build by directly linking the school events with the on-track activities of our racing team.  These activities will create the potential for face-to-face contact among businesses and schools, and one of our aspirations is to build a very strong social media community using this exciting content.  Motorsport is exciting, but motorsport when your supported team is on track is utterly thrilling, and we will use that excitement to bring people together. 

Our plan for 2022 is to choose races which bring the greatest exposure to the Experience Motorsport brand, and through that to our school events and partner companies.  This will hopefully include some televised races, subject to availability and budget.  In this way our growth will benefit all of our stakeholders and thus lead to more growth.

In the longer term, ideally for 2023, we also hope to be able to create a scholarship for aspiring racing drivers, both to help with funding and to train eager young drivers how to market themselves in order to create sustainable racing career.  This in turn will create more interest and publicity in the Experience Motorsport brand.  With the appropriate level of growth and demand, we may well also look to double our school events with a second set of hardware and staff.